Darth Queth is a Kaleesh Sith Lord, and a member of Cavalry of Darkness. Darth Queth fell to the dark side when the Republic Outpost on Derath was attacked, he had lust for power which led to him striking down his master, he had eventually attempted to retake Ziost, but his attempt was thwarted by Zabrak Jedi Knight Devin Lalanne but Queth saw promise in Lalanne as a Sith, and had corrupted Devin resulting in Lalanne's fall, After retaking Ziost, Queth had arrived on Tatooine but was shot down and crashed down in a Tusken camp, Queth eventually twisted the Tusken and used them to take control of the nearby Republic camp, he and his corrupted Tusken Tribe attacked the Republic Camp and murdered everybody inside the Camp, eventually Tusken Leader Kurruu realizing they had been corrupted attacked Queth which led in Kurruu Tribe getting sabatoged.

After Queth's murder of Kurruu, Kurruu's Tribe became angry with the Sith and attacked the Sith in the the Jundlands, with the Sith fighting back with Hate, the Tusken were falling quickly to the might of the Sith Empire, but when Kurruu's son Uruum plunged a gafti stick through Queth's stomach, thinking the Sith Lord would die Queth ripped out the gafti stick and beheaded Uruum with it, after that Kurruu's Tribe fell, which lead to Uaraan's Tribe rising up.