Kosh and his warriors are evacuated.

Darth Kosh born Qarraad Kosh, was a Sith Lord and a member of Cavalry of Darkness as a child on Ziost, Kosh would often like to mentor others, as he grew up he gained a mentor of his own named Opali Keshsem a Sith Pureblood Warrior as he grew up he became a Warrior like his mentor eventually when the Neimoidian Warriors attacked Ziost he fought off the invading forces, later after the battle Kosh was promoted to Captain and led his primary forces against the main Neimoidian Forces and sought to take down Neimoidian Leader Shai Ju, eventually Opali joined Kosh in his quest against Ju when they invaded the campgrounds Shai whipped out a blaster pistol and fired at Kosh but the Mighty Warrior used his staff and deflected it, Kosh knocked the Blaster out of Shai's hand and gripped his staff above his neck as Opali and Kosh stood over Ju, Shai took out a knife and threw it at Opali, Keshsem was killed by the knife and Kosh was enraged and plunged his staff through Shai's heart killing him. Victory had occured but Kosh sobbed over the loss of his mentor, Opali's death would lead to Kosh's dislike of Darth Tilon, Kosh eventually swore Ziost would always remain theirs but this would not come true, as the surviving Neimoidians turned to the Trade Federation for help, the Sith Warrior tried to fight off the Trade Federation but was not sucsessful and admitted defeat, Kosh was evacuated along with his warriors to Cato Neimoidia and was kept prisoner, however Kosh would escape and leave to become a Sith Apprentice on Quarth.