Kabb Tyran was a Male Human who was born on the Sky world of Derath, eventually at the age of 9 he was brought to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant by Jedi Master Ulke, eventually a year later his little brother Terak Tyran was brought to be a Jedi Youngling, eventually when Kabb was corrupted by the Dark Side, Terak was the only hope of his return to the Light Side, but when Terak came to duel his brother Kabb, he was impaled by his brother's lightsaber killing him, after Kabb killed him, his anger had become more dangerous plunging him into further Darkness.

Darth Kabb was later killed by Darth Ferr.

Eventually, Kabb was angry at the Jedi for cleansing Yavin 4 from the Dark Side, so Kabb brought a massive invasion force to Yavin 4, after 5 days of fierce battling, Kabb made his way to the Massassi Temple and killed all life inside.

Temple of Tulak Hord Edit

Kabb looked for all secrets of the Dark Side, and eventually spotted a Secret Underground Vault, where Tulak kept all his secrets, Kabb jumped down into the Dark Well, and had fought remnants of Hord's Empire going on by drawing on the power of the Dark Side, as Kabb made his way to the Catacombs, Tulak's force ghost said he would teach Kabb his knowledge if he would share it only with his Sith Aprentice, Darth Devian.